Where provides in the frame of Bayern player what can replace Robert Lewandowski.

Times the in the frame of Bayern player what can change Robert Lewandowski. Will be worked in the spring without a break. Question when the latest win physically and mentally – interestingly was a friend “Bavaria” Thomas Strunz. On Friday at 20.30 game S. C. Freiburg – Bayern starts feature game rewanżowa Bundesliga
“What if Robert Lewandowski fall further h? Where includes how it to replace one . Not burned this Thomas müller, the has a his road book. Lewandowski will require to work on any matches because Bayern don’t is in the Bundesliga with a comfortable advantage. In four months, Lewandowski can to win 25 competitions in the League, the League Professionals and a Cup Germany. The question, or to stop the freshness sexy as well as inner” spiritual”, writes Thomas Strunz, midfielder of “Bavaria” in 1995-2001, European champion 1996, the article for “stern”.

Three items benefits, seven tournaments month

Bavaria takes off Friday round rewanżową, by using only three details the benefits over RB Leipzig and front of him seven competitions nearly a month, until February 18: five football some in the German Cup and the perfect match of 1/8 final of the League Experts with Arsenal. Injuries and fatigue the players latest there was special on round rewanżowych in Bayernie when a coach this club was PEP Guardiola. The Spaniard about is why mostly shared with German journalists: when wrote, did that his effort subjected to players on the wounds. Robert Lewandowski has admitted recently the same among the forms procedure news Central points of the European cups he was problem. And Carlo Ancelotti has been employed also, this , to this the matter to solve.

Alternate Lewandowski, the only weak point of Bayern

Bayern will start this year a part of the League, not the injured Jerome Boateng, however according to Thomas Strunza today Bavaria today in care fun protected from the consequences of the injury of one of the players than the previous year, when need when failed to download Serdara Tasciego. “Javier Martinez, David Alaba, Joshua Kimmich there are able maneuver. Bavaria made as well as the future giving yourself short summer transfer Niklasa Süle (Hoffenheim defender – ed)”, – says Strunz. Encouraged are the Bavaria sea other player Hoffenheim, Sebastian Rudy, the football player so a large, complex, that not fail to take from protection on necessary the defense. Ore and survive to Bayern in the summer, without compensation. Problem is an attack. The only weak point of Bayern, says Strunz, then sum of request: to change Lewandowski?